Studio Sophisti | Internship

Connected Product Design


As part of my third year of studies, I undertook a placement with Studio Sophisti based in Amsterdam.

Throughout my internship, I worked on NBANK, a project to educate young children in finance. I successfully executed research, conception, design, and prototyping as an integrated part of this product. My work was supervised by Wouter Reeskamp, Creative Director at Sophisti. Update - this project is now looking for funding to take the project further.

Further details regarding this project remain confidential due to an NDA agreement.

During my time with Sophisti I learnt how to use Fusion 360 - 3D modelling software - to a high level, as well as participating in design sprints. This widened my skill set and provided me with valuable experience in the industry. I believe this is strong evidence of my ability to adapt to a new working environment and thrive in a real-world scenario whilst learning on the job.

What’s next?

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