KKit | Live Project with Kenwood

Giving Kenwood a new face


Kenwood has been designing and manufacturing cutting edge, stylish, and efficient kitchen appliances since 1947. The focus is to ensure every product enhances the enjoyment of cooking, producing consistently high-quality results with the greatest of ease. The challenge was to design a new way in which Kenwood could rebrand itself to become more present in the current market.

Kenwood has a number of brand morals that they incorporate into all of their products. This allows them to keep brand consistency and timeless elegance, but is it having a positive effect on their market influence? Is it time for them to diversify the brand?

To develop a better understanding of the Kenwood brand, we explored what makes a Kenwood product. This involved looking at their best selling products as well as future concepts. We researched the current insights and opportunities that Kenwood could exploit. These included ideas such as portable cooking, to follow the rising trend of al-fresco dining and social cooking practice, to bring families together.

"More frequent family dinners are related to fewer emotional and behavioural, greater emotional well-being...and higher life satisfaction" - Journal of Adolescent Health

Taking Kenwoods kMix, which already has existing market dominance, we looked at existing trends and products, such as baking and subscription services. We explored how people could take part in these without huge upfront costs of buying products outright. We landed on the idea that you could buy the kMIx via a subscription service. You could receive other benefits such as ingredients delivered straight to your door and monthly recipes all done on a mobile app.

With subscriptions being an on-trend way of cooking from home, we decided to exploit this market. Through our interactive app, cost-sensitive subscription and with the help of social media, consumers can jump feet first into baking.

We carefully designed the box to fit through a standard letter box. We made the measurements slightly smaller in order to accommodate for fluctuating designs. We then tested the box with the ingredients for one of the recipes to see if it would fit, which was successful.

Included in the kKit would be a loyalty bonus, such as free experiences or cook along classes.

The overall solution is a monthly subscription service in which you receive a Kenwood kMix package that is personalised to your preferred portion sizes and recipe needs. Families are given the freedom to adjust these specifications with a simple app and the packaging is small enough to fit through the average post box. The aim is to encourage social cooking with all the family while not having to pay the bulky upfront costs of purchasing a kMix.

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