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Using primary research methods for an established persona. Design a set of headphones for children.

Kids of today spend vast amounts of time communicating virtually with friends both over the phone and online, via computer games and social platforms. Headphones are therefore becoming more popular for children. As children grow, their own personalities adapt and change and the way they wish to dress and present themselves can go through many phases. This can be based on a number of factors including celebrity influence, sports teams and players, or musicians. How can we allow kids to express their personalities through headphone designs?

We conducted both primary and secondary research to widen our knowledge around the market of children's headphones. To help us generate a persona, we conducted a small focus group where we spoke to a group of boys ranging from 9-11 years old. We discovered that for children in this age bracket, the main selling points were comfort and portability, with over-ear headphones coming out ahead of in-ear alternatives.

"In choosing a headphone for your child, remember that these are the most important factors—size, noise cancellation, comfort, and design." - Alexis Nicols, Parentology

During our ideation we explored different strap designs, adjustability, and connectivity. We experimented with different materials such as card and hard foam to mock-up models. This allowed us to create quick mock-ups, adjust sizings, and refine details such as the removable elements. We also wanted to make the headphones collapsable to enable ease of storage and portability for children.

We created CAD models to refine more intricate details and functions of the headset. Using the 'Minecraft' colour palette the model showcases all the exterior details that would be visible, such as the headphone cushions. Smaller details such as a charging port for a lightning cable and LEDs indicating the power remaining are found on the underside of the right ear piece.

Clipz have a smooth surface with minimal sharp edges to remove the chance of injury. To facilitate communication we included a built-in microphone. Adjustable earpieces allow them to fit all head sizes; and for ease of storage, they are collapsible. To allow personalisation, we introduced interchangeable parts on the sides of the earpieces, taking inspiration from a range of colour choices.

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